Contests and Awards

California DAR awards

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Junior American Citizens

Students have participated in the DAR Junior American Citizens program since 1901. By reaching out to students in grade K-12 across the United States, the program fosters the idea that the rights and responsibilities of citizenship can and should be taught from an early age.

Through Junior American Citizens (JAC) clubs and contests, the JAC program teaches America's schoolchildren the principles of democratic government, good citizenship, and appreciation of American heritage and history. For more information, please visit our national website.

The Colonel William Cabell Chapter Scholarship

The Colonel William Cabell Chapter's scholarship of $1,000.00 is given each May, to one or two graduating students who have applied to the chapter scholarship committee. Since its inception, winners of the scholarship have been: 2018 Stephanie Ramirez Garcia and Zachary Glabman; 2017 Cassidy Crandall and Christopher Surridge; 2016 Kendall Kurzweil and Arthur Pescan; 2015 Matilda Bress and Justin Hess; 2014 Devon Christensen and Kimberly Escobedo; 2013 Kenia Lara; 2012 Edith Esparza; 2011 Hunter Strodel; 2010 Kim Haycraft; 2009 Jessica Place; 2008 Ryan Esfahani; 2007 Jeremy Stowell; 2006 Ian Lamb; 2005 Ahlia Kattan; 2004 Amanda Rubenstein; 2003 Rachel Mulkin; and 2002 Tai Anh Thai.

Scholarship information and guidelines are sent to high school counselors’ offices in the Newport-Mesa school district in the spring.